IG Yucca und andere Freilandsukkulenten
"IG Yucca and other outdoor sukkulents"

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This website will be filled gradually with information!
So if you are interested, please check regularly here for new informations.


We are a community of interests and working for all who are interested on "thorny exotics"
such as yucca, agaves, Dasylirion, Nolina, cacti and other succulent plants.

Our special emphasis is particularly true of the (outdoor) culture Exotics alleged,
specifically the species covered by frostexpanded conditions as we find them in Central Europe, can be cultivated.

We are a official workgroup of the German Cacti Society (DKG)

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The members are experienced amateur gardener, gardeners, longtime executives of the
German Cacti Society (DKG), as well managing committee of location groups of DKG as also from studied botanists up to book authors.
While palms and other exotic´s have longer conquered the areas north of the Alps,
are in our view, Yucca & Co, unfortunately, still far too little represented in the gardens.

This page should have created now a possibilitie to connect all the fans of
these fantastic plants, to discuss and trade experience about the
(outdoor) culture and perhaps it will contaminate more people with this passion.

Furthermore, we look forward to your pictures,documentations and observations
about Yucca or other (outdoor) succulents. Same as like other exotics
Palms & Co from other gardens in Central Europe or from around the world.

Have fun with browsing, reading and lively participation with our best regards

YuaF Team